Komoona’s publisher side out-stream platform is the simplest and most efficient way to monetize your site’s content. We’ve aggregated all leading demand sources for you and implemented our unique optimization capabilities to make sure you get the most of your out-stream ad units.

Komoona's Videos Ads Offers:

Demand aggregation

Choosing and integrating with the right demand sources is always a challenge. Our platform brings you all leading out-stream video demand in a single tag.

Optimized results

Using machine learning and state of the art algorithms together with our vast knowledge and experience in ad revenue optimization, we maximize your revenue on these high-impact ad placements.

Cross device - Multiple formats

We support and optimize all out-stream video formats. Whether it’s desktop or mobile, within your editorial content or an overlay, we’ve got the right option for you.

Simple Integration

Implement a single JS tag and you’re done! Our tag already includes all leading video demand sources and the optimization is completely on our end.