How to install the Komoona WordPress plugin?

Installing the Komoona plugin on your WordPress takes less than 5 minutes and requires very little technical skills. Please follow these simple instructions:

1.   Get Your Komoona Plugin:

After you’ve completed your registration to Komoona, select WordPress as your blog platform and download the Komoona plugin.

The plugin will install the Komoona script onto your WordPress. The Script allows your readers to create ads, and for us to be able to display those ads. Think of this plugin as the ‘engine’ that powers Komoona on your WordPress.

2.   Install the Komoona plugin:

Once you’ve downloaded the Komoona plugin (as a zip file) you’ll need to upload the plugin in to your WordPress ‘Plugins’ folder. This step is easy even if you’re not familiar with WordPress at all:

    • In your WordPress Dashboard go to the ‘Plugins’ menu and choose ‘Add New’. (see image below)
    • You’ll be referred to the ‘Install Plugins’ page where you should click ‘Upload’ (see image below)

  • Click ‘Choose File’ and find the Komoona zip file you’ve downlaoded, click ‘Install now’.
  • After the plugin finished installing (a few seconds) click ‘Activate Plugin’.
  • You will be re directed to your ‘Plugins’ page, you can now see the activated Komoona plugin.

3. Set where on your page you would like the ads to be displayed

Once you’ve activated the Komoona plugin, you need to specify the position on your blog where you want the ads to be displayed:


    • In your Dashboard open the ‘Appearance’ menu and click ‘Widgets’ (see image below)
    • Drag and drop the Komoona widget from the ‘Available Widget’ area to the ‘Widget’ area and click ‘Save’.
  • By default the Komoona ads will be displayed on the blog’s side bar. If you want to display the Komoona ads in different section of your blog or if you would like to dislay multiple ad units on your page, you’ll need to edit your WordPress theme’s HTML source code – please refer to our manual installation guide for more details.

That’s it. Wasn’t too bad, was it?

If you need any more assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us: