How to install the Komoona Joomla extension?

**this page explains how to to install Komoona on Joomla 1.6 If you’re running Joomla 1.5 please Read This.


Installing the Komoona extension on your Joomla site takes less than 5 minutes and requires very little technical skills. Please follow these simple instructions:


1. Get Your Komoona Extension:

After you’ve completed your registration to Komoona, select Joomla as your platform and download the Komoona extension. Make sure you download the Joomla version 1.6 extension (default).

The extension will install the Komoona script onto your Joomla site. The Script allows your readers to create ads, and for us to be able to display those ads. Think of this extension as the ‘engine’ that powers Komoona on your Joomla site.

2. Install the Komoona extension in Joomla :

Once you’ve downloaded the Komoona extension (as a zip file) you’ll need to install the extension to your Joomla site. This step is easy even if you’re not familiar with Joomla at all:

  • Log on to your Joomla site admin panel, click the ‘Extensions‘ menu then ‘Extension Manager‘.
  • click ‘Browse’ and find the Komoona extension zip file, then click ‘Upload & Install’

You will get a message indicating that “Installing module was successful

3. Enable the Komoona Extension

Once you’ve installed the Komoona extension, you need to enable it, and specify where you on your pages you want the ads to display:

    • Go to the ‘Extensions’ menu and click the ‘Module Manager’ option.
    • Search for ‘Komooan Ads’ module in your site’s modules list.
  • By default the Komoona extension is disabled, to enable it simply select the¬†‘Komooan Ads’ module by clicking the check-box next to it and click ‘Publish



4. Extension Settings

Once you’ve installed the Komoona extension and enabled it, you’ll need to add it to your site’s pages and define it’s position.

To access the Komoona module ‘Settings’ page, simply select it from your site’s ‘Module’ list and click¬†‘Edit’:


Make sure you’ve enabled the Komoona Module in the relevant pages and that you set it’s position in the template you’re using. When you’re done, click ‘Save‘ – make sure you see the Komooan ads in your site.


That’s it. Wasn’t too bad, was it?

If you need any more assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us: