How to install Komoona on your site?

Installing the Komoona script on your site takes less than 5 minutes and requires very little technical skills. Please follow these simple instructions:


1.   Get Your Komoona script:

After you’ve completed your registration to Komoona, you’ll get the Komoona script. The script should look like this:

Komoona script

The Komoona script is the code snippet that you need to paste onto your website to allow your readers to create ads and for us to be able to display those ads. Think of this script as the ‘engine’ that powers Komoona on your site.

2.   Paste the Komoona script onto your site’s HTML source code:

Once you’ve got your Komoona script, the next step is to paste it onto your page’s HTML source code. This step is easy even if you’re not familiar with HTML at all.

  • Open the webpage you’d like to add the Komoona script to using your favorite web editor, it can be a text editor like ‘Notepad’ or a unique HTML editor like ‘Adobe Dreamweaver’ or ‘Microsoft Frontpage’ (in the example below, we’re using the free HTML editor KompoZer )
  • Paste the script onto your page’s HTML source code where you want the Komoona ads to be displayed.
  • If you are not familiar with HTML, follow the instruction below to find the position on page:
    • Switch to HTML view in your editor and paste the ad unit snippet script where your cursor is blinking.
    • Go to your editor ‘Preview’ tab and confirm that Komoona’s default ad unit is displayed.
    • If you’re satisfied with the results, ‘save’ the web page and publish it on your website.

**If you wish to display more than one ad size on your page you’ll need to repeat the above steps for each ad unit**

That’s it. Wasn’t too bad, was it?

If you need any more assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us: